Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Break is Better with your Zistas: Telluride Edition

I met Caroline Cantrell and Reagan Walker at move-in day at the beginning of the year. After messaging with these random girls, who would soon become my sisters, I decided to take a leap of faith and room with them. As I watched my parents drive away, it became very real just how close I would become with my roommates. The next thing I know, we were all sitting on the couch of our apartment when Caroline yells out, “who wants to watch a documentary, but a cool one, I promise.” I looked around at my two other roommates and we all smiled and died laughing as we sat there watching an Amish documentary for the next 45 minutes. At that moment, I realized that I had made peace with my parents departure and I was ready to take on this next adventure at UT with my crazy and lovable best friends.

In making these best friends in the world, we decided to sign up to go on a ski trip to Telluride, Colorado; and oh boy, I had no idea what I was signing up for. When we arrived and got to our room, we all peered at each other with looks of denial as we stared at this two bedroom-one bath condo with no hot water... for six people! You would be amazed at how close you can get with your sisters after sharing a twin bed with them for five days. Every night of this trip was something new. From card games to joke telling, there was never a dull moment. On the first day, I watched one of my ski poles tumble to its death after dropping it off the ski lift, but Reagan reassured me that I looked amazing and professional, skiing with one pole and all. This was definitely a turning point in our friendship, as only a true friend would be so supportive (Ha!). Continuing the adventure, Caroline decided she needed to go to “ski school” and told us that day when she got home that she spent her entire day (11AM-4PM) on the “adult” magic carpet, and could not graduate from ski school. We not only grew closer physically (having the temperature being in the teens), but also deepened our friendship as Zeta sisters. 

Our ski trip was definitely not perfect, but it was perfect for us. Taking the time out of my winter break to sleep in a twin size bed with two of my best friends was one of the best decisions I've made. Six months ago, Caroline and Reagan were just strangers, and now we were sisters conquering the world together, one lost ski pole at a time. Thanks, Telluride!!

Faith Osterberg

PC '17

Monday, October 2, 2017

Big Little Reveal 2017

      After a week full of sweet gifts and tricky clues, PC17 would finally discover their big on Texas Zeta’s annual big-little reveal at the zeta house! The new pledge class was to meet at the house at 5:30 PM and participate in a ritual which involved each girl turning around and being surprised with the appearance of their new big. After the initial reveal, the bigs each took their little to a basket they made filled with goodies like t-shirts, hats, buttons, and all the zeta gear you could imagine! Then, the costume portion of the day would commence. From hippies to mermaids, and everything in between, every girl in the Zeta house had a gleaming smile on her face as she walked out on the front porch with her new big. 
      Looking around at all the creative characters and outfits, it made me realize that this day was not all about the pictures and the gifts but about so much more. Going through the week and placing gifts in the house it felt almost surreal that I was now switching places with my big and continuing on the tradition with my new little. Although I was a little nervous to take on this role, I was eager to make new memories with my little, Caroline, and get to know her even better as she started her journey in Austin at UT and with Zeta!   
      Freshmen year can be overwhelming but having someone by your side who has experienced it all is one of the biggest blessings Zeta ever gave me. My big was and continues to be one of my biggest role models; someone I can laugh with, someone I can cry with, someone I can come to for advice, and someone who always seems to understand how I’m feeling even if I struggle to put it into words. Being a mentor to my little has already been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve gotten the opportunity to have in Zeta. Guiding and watching Caroline commence her freshmen year has gotten me so excited to show and share some of my favorite memories from last year with her. I can’t wait to continue the tradition and be able to have the same kind of relationship with my little that I have with my big and show her that although college has its ups and downs, she will always have me to lean on!

Zeta love and Hook ‘em!

Melanie Rice PC '16

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bid Day 2017!

Bid day began at Hogg memorial at 4 p.m. and I have never anticipated an event more in my life. Partially nervous yet beyond excited, I waited anxiously to open my envelope as the opening speaker talked. I was extremely confident with the choice I had made, but my big worry side made me constantly think that something would go wrong. After I almost couldn’t wait any 
longer, it was finally time to open our cards. The 3 seconds it took me to unseal my envelope felt like years but when I saw "Zeta Tau Alpha" written in the turquoise writing, I instantly jumped out of my seat to go find my new sisters. The smiles and happiness of everyone surrounding me was overwhelming and I knew in that moment that without a doubt I had made the right choice. The run to the house was filled with laughs and excitement because we all couldn't wait to get to get to our new home. 

Once we arrived at the Zeta house every Zeta was waiting for the group with open arms, some girls even in tears of happiness. Running to the group, I immediately felt the love every girl had for one another and for the pledge class we all knew they had worked so hard for. I ran to my amazing bid day buddy, Jamie, and felt so spoiled. She walked me around introduced me to so many new faces who welcomed me with open arms. Then we went inside where she gave me pretty much a new closets worth of Zeta t-shirts, fanny packs, shorts, and so many more things I knew would be put to good use. I felt so loved and like I was where I truly belonged in this moment. Everyone was taking pictures with the other girls in our new pledge class, whether they’ve known each other for years or just met, because, who knows, these girls could end up being your life long best friends or even your bridesmaids one day. Bid day took me by surprise with the positivity, overwhelming love and joy the current members had for every girl there. On this day I felt so lucky to be a Zeta, and I knew my choice had brought me to my forever home. 

Overall bid day meant so 
much to me. During rush I had a lot go on within my family, and it was beyond relieving to know I had numerous girls at that house who cared for me during this tough time. What I loved about bid day was the feeling of getting 76 new sisters all at once, which doesn't even include all the active members! Potentially my favorite part about gaining those new sisters was the diversity I saw in each of them that I very quickly came to love. I met so many girls that day that were so different from me and the girls I was friends with in high school, yet I instantly clicked with them and now, a month later, I can call those exact same girls some of my best friends. The experience as a whole meant having a group of girls who now have my back, encourage me, and simply be a friend. The experience brought out my love and appreciation for Zeta and the girls within the chapter, and I can't wait to develop even more amazing friendships from this point forward as I get to know more of my sisters.


Macey Sterry

PC ‘17