Friday, July 23, 2021

What To Expect During Hybrid Recruitment!

Recruitment is approaching! For some, recruitment is exciting and an opportunity to meet new friends, but for others, it can be nerve-racking. Rest assured, the women in each chapter are so excited to meet you and get those same nerves! Going in with an open mind is the best thing you can do to ensure a positive and beneficial experience. In order to feel more confident for the week, below is what you can expect for each round. 

Open House

 Open house the first round of recruitment! You have the opportunity to witness the diverse sisterhood of all thirteen chapters at UT. Each sorority will show you a short video representing each houses’ values and personality. Afterward, you’ll rank the ten houses you’d like to know better.


        Philanthropy is a special and intimate round because you get to learn about a cause close to up to ten sororitys’ hearts. This round will be conducted on zoom and last for 30 minutes. Zeta’s philanthropy is Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. You’ll hear about our annual fundraising events and personal testimonies shared by our sisters. We also have a fun activity that allows you to contribute to our philanthropy. Afterward, you’ll get the chance to talk to the active members. This is the round where you will start to create deeper connections with the women in each chapter. Be prepared to talk about any philanthropic work you’ve done in high school or any passions you have that relate to serving others. This round is important because you gain a better understanding of each houses’ values and dive into deeper conversations with the women in each chapter. At the end of the day, you’ll rank the six houses you feel you connected with the most. 


Sisterhood is an exciting round because you start to get a more clear picture of the house you will run home to on bid day. It’s also the last round that takes place on Zoom! Conversations will be five minutes longer than philanthropy round, deeper, and you will hear from women about what makes their sisterhood special and witness the bonds they share with one another. You may begin to get that “at home” feeling at certain houses! It’s important to ask questions pertaining to what you want in a sorority relating to sisterhood, leadership opportunities, or anything else you value! After you leave your last party, you’ll rank two chapters that you want to come back to for preference round. 


        Preference round is the last round of recruitment; you’re almost done! During this round, you will have a maximum of two houses, so it’s extremely important to evaluate the philanthropy, sisterhood, and values of the house that feels right for YOU! This is a formal night - you will get a chance to see the insides of each house for the first time and have conversations with potential sisters face-to-face. Current members will share testimonies about why they chose the house they did and how it has impacted their lives. This is an extremely special and emotional night, for both active and potential members, so be prepared for some tears (and invest in some waterproof mascara)! 

Some questions to ask yourself when evaluating your final houses: Do you feel like you can be completely yourself? Are these the girls you’d like to call your sisters? Do you see opportunities for growth? Would you be excited to run home on bid day with the girls in the party with you?

On Preference Night at Zeta, I’ll never forget the love and sense of belonging I felt. Each and every girl I spoke to was an embodiment of the woman I wanted to become, and I longed to be a part of that sisterhood. We understand this is a hard night, as you have an important decision to make. Remember to be open in your conversations and trust your gut. Don't forget; your Rho Gammas will also be there to help you talk through any difficult choice you have. 

Overall Tips

  It is HOT in August. By the end of preference night, your hair and makeup might not look the way it did when the night started. That’s OKAY! Focus on your conversations and try not to let it distract you. 

  You’re gonna hear these questions every day, whether it be Open House or Bid Day: Where are you from? Where are you living? What’s your major? What did you do this Summer? All in all, be prepared for lots of small talk!

 Zoom recruitment can be scary for both active members and potential new members! This is only our second time going through it virtually, so we’re all still learning. If there are some technical mishaps, just let your Rho Gam know! 

  The most important thing is to be yourself. The house that’s right for you is the house that loves you for you. It’s the house that supports and uplifts you. It’s the house where you don’t feel the pressure to act like anyone or anything you’re not. Each and every chapter at UT is filled with kind, talented, intelligent, and hard-working girls, and you’re bound to find the right fit. 

Ultimately, recruitment can be tiring, but it’s also so much fun. You’re meeting girls from all over the country and your potential new sisters. This week may be long, but the sisterhood that comes as a result will be forever. With that being said, we are so excited to meet each and every one of you. And don’t forget, Go Texas Zeta!

With Love,

Clara Smith

MC’ 19, Zeta Recruitment Team <3



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