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Recruitment Week Schedule Rundown

Recruitment Week Schedule Rundown

I’ll never forget how nervous I was as recruitment week slowly crept up, but the good news is, there is no need to be anxious! The women in each house are eager and excited to meet you! Just be yourself and have an open mind, and your recruitment week will be an amazing experience. It’s also important to be prepared for this exciting week, so here’s a little run down of what you can expect during each day of recruitment!

Open House
Open house is the first round of recruitment and takes place over the first two days of recruitment week. During open house, you will stay in your assigned recruitment groups and go to each of the 14 sorority houses. Once you arrive, you’ll line up alphabetically with your group and wait patiently (take this time to get to know the other great women in your group). When your recruitment guide (also known as a Rho Gam) knocks on the door three times, the door swings open and the chanting begins. One-by-one, you step into the house (and are welcomed with an immeasurable amount of hugs at the Zeta house). This is your opportunity to get to see the different personalities of each house, and also show the houses who you are as a person. At the end of the second day, you’ll head to the University Teaching Center (UTC) and rank the 10 houses that you would like to get to know better. 
Philanthropy is the next round of recruitment which is also a two day event, yay! At the beginning of this round, you will meet with your recruitment group in the morning at a designated spot (mine was under the tower, hook em!) and receive your schedule. Your schedule can have up to 10 houses and will not be identical to everyone-or anyone-in your recruitment group, so this is your chance to fly solo! Once you arrive at each house, it’ll be the same as the round before, you will be lined up alphabetically and wait patiently for the doors to open. Philanthropy day is especially enjoyable because you get to learn about a cause that is close to each sorority’s hearts. On this day, you will complete a craft and/or activity involving their philanthropy while also learning about the cause itself. ZTA’s philanthropy is Breast Cancer Education and Awareness! This round is important because you gain a better understanding of what the houses value and have the opportunity to dive into deeper conversations with the women in each sorority. Once you leave your last house of the philanthropy round, you’ll immediately head to the UTC and list the 6 houses you connected with the most. 

TIP Be sure to use the buses provided for you and maybe even map out your route from house-to-house ahead of time, so you don’t miss any houses.

Sisterhood is the third round of recruitment. This round is when you get a more clear picture of which houses you could see yourself being a part of. Sisterhood round has the same schedule process as philanthropy, you’ll meet up with your recruitment group in the morning and receive your individual schedule for the day from your Rho Gam. The conversations will go even deeper than the previous days and you’ll witness the bonds the women in the house share with one another. At the ZTA house, we not only want you to get to know us better but we want to get to know you better, which is why we always play an interactive game to get the conversation flowing at the beginning of each party! Immediately after you leave your last house, you will head to the UTC and choose the top two houses that you feel you can add value to.

TIP This round is often viewed as one of the hardest because the cut is so large, narrowing six houses to two. Keep in mind that you are one step closer to joining a sorority and a lifelong sisterhood, so do not be intimidated It’s a long week, but it is all worth it! 

Preference Night
Preference Night or “Pref” night is the very last round of recruitment. You made it! You can have a maximum of two houses on this night, meaning it is immensely important to evaluate each house and see which one would be a better fit for YOU. This is a serious night, which is reflected in the formal attire of the sisters as well as the decorations and mood of the house. Sisters will share testimonials as to why they went the sorority they did, and how their chapters have changed their lives for the better. Pref night is extremely special and can be an emotional experience for both actives and potential new members, so I encourage you to wear waterproof mascara! I cried, no shame! It’s integral  to look around the room and notice the girls (both actives and PNMs) who are at your final houses, considering they could potentially be your sisters. Are these the women you would want to be your sisters? Do you get along well with them? Do you look up to them and see the possibility of your own growth in their sisterhood? I’ll never forget the sense of belonging I felt the moment I walked into Zeta. I remember seeing the bond of sisterhood the Zeta women shared and wanting desperately to be a part of that bond. Don’t be afraid to completely open up during your conversations on pref night, we are here for you and want to support you and hear about your experience! Once you leave your last house on Pref night, you’ll immediately head to the UTC and list the house where you can envision your lifelong sisters! . This is the most important and final ranking! 
Bid Day
The best day of recruitment! The morning of Bid Day, you’ll head to Hogg Auditorium and sit in your assigned  seat which is labeled with an envelope consisting of your name. During the presentation you sit on the very card that contains the house you received a bid from--the ENTIRE presentation, UGH. I can still remember my anticipation when we were reminded not to peek! Once the panhellenic president instructs you to open your envelope, you open it up and meet your new sisters in front of the building (there will be a poster with the sorority names labeled all throughout the outside of the Auditorium). Finally, you and your new sisters all run to the house together! I’ll never forget walking--more like excitedly sprinting like a maniac--out of Hogg and seeing the faces of the girls I met throughout the week, and knowing they were my new sisters. The excitement was overwhelming!Once you run to your house, the real party begins. The whole chapter,your family and friends are eagerly waiting and ready to greet you with tons of hugs, smiles, and sorority merch, CHA CHING! It’s such a special moment not only for you, but also for the girls in the chapter who have been waiting for you all of summer! 

Recruitment week is a long seven days, but the stories, laughs and memories are worth a lifetime! Trust the process,  follow your gut and… #GOTEXASZETA !!!

Megan Wommack PC ‘17


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